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Church Chairs Come in Various Sizes

Despite the fact that we have almost three decades of experience supplying quality church chairs, event furniture, lecterns,banquet tables and other accessories, we are constantly looking for better ways to serve our customers. We make sure we only offer durable, well-designed products that are built for your safety and comfort. We also offer a variety of seating options so you can maximize your use and enjoyment of our products in every setting.

Select the Right Size Church Chair

Our church chairs come in different sizes to accommodate all your members. Choose regular 18.5-inch church chairs or the slightly bigger and wider 20.5-inch option. If you need further customization, let us know and we’ll work with you to make sure the church chairs you order from us fit the specific needs and requirements of your congregation. This is another way of taking care of all your congregants and making sure their needs are more than adequately met.

Increased Flexibility and Comfort

Make every member feel welcome and understood by offering a variety of safe and comfortable seating options. People are built differently and even bodies of the same size have varying comfort zones. Making sure your members have access to appropriate seating goes a long way in ensuring their comfort throughout your services.

Better Engagement

Comfortable seating predisposes your congregation to greater participation throughout the service. This is especially true for special celebrations when services tend to run longer. Keeping your congregation relaxed during a long service will not only give them the energy to participate more fully, but it will also add considerably to their enjoyment.


Seating options become even more important when you have elderly or frail members. The need to keep them seated properly is often not only a matter of comfort but also of safety.

Providing adequate seating for your congregation is a small but vital way that you can make them feel at home in your place of worship – and keep them returning regularly.

Find the ideal banquet chairs, folding tables, metal, plastic and wooden folding chairs, caddies and anything else you need for your next event at Advantage Church Chairs. We offer free or flat-rate shipping as well as substantial discounts for orders meeting certain quantity and destination requirements. Get in touch with our helpful and knowledgeable staff for any questions or concerns you may have about any of our products. We’re here to help you make the right choice.

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