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Choosing the Right Color for Your Church Chairs

You want your church to be a place of comfort, a place where congregation members can feel welcome, at ease and peaceful. After all, one of the main reasons they are visiting is to seek sanctuary.

In order to achieve this effect, there are a number of design elements to consider when decorating your religious space, including seating solutions. While a great deal of churches are still outfitted with pews and benches, many more have turned to free-standing and folding chairs. As comfortable as they are durable and affordable, church chairs are the perfect addition to your space.

Custom seating will not only make your church more personable, it will also complement the existing decor. The thought of folding chairs for a church seating option may not sound appealing, but know that there are literally hundreds of different colors, materials, design patterns and accessories to choose from.

Endless Color and Style Options

Lighter shades can work wonders at producing an open and uplifting feel (a great way to boost participation during sermons and worship), but these colors also need to be cleaned more often due to showing dirt and stains. Choose a darker shade if you are primarily concerned with low maintenance.

Plastic is easier to clan than fabric, but is far less cozy. Remember to always keep your members in mind when shopping for the right church chairs; no one wants to sit for hours in an uncomfortable seat, especially people with back problems.

When it comes time to select a frame finish, opt for a highly durable material. Coatings that have been thermally infused and metal that is saltwater tested are made to last years under high-stress conditions like being moved around and sat in for many hours a week.

Lastly, you have the option of purchasing a grand assortment of accessories for your church chairs. Popular choices include wooden arm caps, upholstered pew ends and even theater inserts that form individual folding chairs into a traditional row. There are many possibilities and combinations available to make church chairs the perfect option for your congregation.

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