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Choosing the Perfect Banquet Table Shape for Your Next Event

Event coordinators know that seating arrangements can help to make an event highly successful or a major disappointment. In a formal personal affair, such as a wedding, deciding which guest to seat next to whom can often be a source of significant stress both for the planners and the couple-to-be.

Just as where you seat your guests or participants is important, you should also consider how you seat them. Will a round banquet table encourage interaction or make them self-conscious? Will a long rectangular table stifle conversation or compel your participants to engage in a deep discussion with the person seated next to him or her?

There are many factors that influence how your guests interact with one another during an event. In a sit-down affair, you can encourage a lively exchange of ideas across a round table or a rectangular one, if you keep the following in mind.

Round-table Discussion

Centerpieces make a table interesting and picture-perfect. Make sure, however that they do not prevent your guests from conversing with the person seated across the table from them. Nothing stifles conversation more than playing hide-and-seek with the table centerpiece. Keep your centerpieces below eye level so your guests can carry on a lively round-table discussion.

Rectangular Tables for a Big Group

If your space is rather limited and you are expecting a large turnout of participants, using rectangular tables may be your only option. This allows you to maximize your space and accommodate everyone comfortably. Choose rectangular tables that are wider rather than longer. If you do this, the people seated at opposite ends will not feel isolated from the person two or three seats down.

No matter which banquet table you choose, encourage the exchange of ideas and insights by having as few distractions on the table as possible and choosing a table size that does not isolate any guest or participant. Our plastic and wooden banquet folding tables can give you just the options you need for a successful and memorable event.

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