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Choosing The Right Church Chair If You Lack Storage Space

You’ve been working tirelessly to update your church. A design overhaul complete with fresh coats of paint presenting a modern, clean feel. Your team has done a structural update, reworking the flow and function of how things get done and how your congregation uses your church spaces. The audio and video equipment and other technologies have been improved with the addition of newer models.

The one thing left on your to-do list is to update the furnishings. You have left this task for last because you’re struggling with how to furnish your space efficiently, both financially and in terms of the flexibility of the space overall. Even more concerning is that your church’s storage space is already crowded.

You know that traditional pews are certainly not going to work, as you need to plan for more flexible furnishings to make your small-scale church work efficiently. The sanctuary doubles as a meeting and events space, so it needs to be able to cater to different seating arrangements.

How will you make it all fit and function well?

We’ve put together a short guide to your best solution: stackable chairs. Before you imagine hard, metal folding chairs, let us tell you about a much more comfortable, cost-effective and aesthetic option. The modern stacking church chair is a wonderful replacement to hard, inflexible pews. Read on to learn more!


Traditionally, churches have focused on dedicated rooms for specific activities. As small churches grow, they quickly find themselves bursting at the seams. You could run a huge campaign to raise a ton of money to build a brand new building. But that’s rarely the right choice without first trying to reconfigure your current building.

It is common for churches to not use their buildings to the maximum capacity. You can add another church service to accommodate twice the number of congregation members. Create a fellowship space where members from each service can cross paths, sip coffee, and build community among themselves.

Pews allocate about 18 inches of space per person, but people typically don’t like sitting that close. So there’s often a lot of wasted space. Chairs offer obvious individual spaces and can be wider and more comfortable. The flexibility that chairs offer churches cannot be beaten.

One of the biggest perks about using chairs is that you can set up the sanctuary for church services, then clear the floors or rearrange the seating for an evening dinner or weekday youth activity.


Modern church chairs offer the ultimate in convenience, flexibility, and comfort. They are thickly padded with effective back support, making them an obvious choice for long meetings. No one likes to sit for hours at a time on a metal folding chair or hard wooden pew.

Thankfully, these ultra-comfortable chairs are also easy to stack and store. They fit together perfectly and with ease, making clearing the floor a breeze. Here are a few tips when stacking:

  1. ​Don’t stack chairs too high, as it can be difficult for the next person to remove the top chair again. You also don’t want the stack to tip over.
  2. ​Consider buying rolling racks that will cart the chairs from one room to the next, or from the sanctuary to a storage corner or space. They’ll help older congregation members with the heavy lifting and eliminate the risk of injury.
  3. ​If you have a large number of chairs and a low ceiling in the storage room, consider stacking chairs horizontally instead of vertically. You’ll increase the number you can fit into the storage space and they will be easier for people to take out one at a time.


When deciding which stackable chairs to purchase, make sure to consider quality. Always choose professional and commercial-grade chairs that are made to last through rigorous use. Here are a few features to look for.

  • ​Padding on the chair back that is at least 1.5 inches thick
  • At least 4 inches of padding on the chair seat, for a luxurious feel and effect
  • Chair design that features adequate lumbar support for the best comfort
  • A solid, plywood base that is secure and a t-nut construction for extra stability
  • Durable fabric that has been rub tested and will last through thousands of uses
  • Ganging devices (if you prefer) to connect chairs and to aid in safety
  • Steel frames that are at least 16 gauge and will stand up to banging around and heavy use
  • Chairs that come completely assembled in the factory to ensure that the chair has been safely put together

There really isn’t a better choice than the stackable church chair for churches that need to have multi-use seating. If you’re struggling to help your building accommodate all of the wonderful activities and the quickly growing congregation numbers, stackable chairs will make your job easier. Using the space you already have more effectively will save you money and hassle in the long run.

If you’re ready to take the next step in making your church rooms flexible and more useful to your congregation members, it’s time to work stackable chairs into your renovation budget. We would love to help you find the best chairs to fit your space and to best support all of your meetings, events, and activities. A growing church is a wonderful problem and we’re here to help you keep up with your thriving ministry. You can find us online at and by phone at (844) 474-4945.​

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