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Chiavari Chairs for Any Occasion

Ask yourself, what characteristics or qualities make the perfect chair? For most people, the most important aspects are comfort, durability, quality and beauty. These are all things we expect from a good seat, yet many of today’s mass-produced chairs fail to meet the mark.

Folding chairs and plastic chairs are affordable, rugged and long-lasting but rarely the first choice when it comes to aesthetics. Many types of chairs certainly look the part, but are often bulky, heavy and hard to transport. The Chiavari line is the perfect combination of beauty and portability.

Chiavari: The Answer for Every Event

Originally made by an Italian cabinetmaker in the early 1800s, Chiavari chairs, also know as Tiffany chairs, are the epitome of what banquet chairs should be.

Their intricate network of interlocking legs are easily capable of supporting hundreds of pounds yet are light enough for one person to carry with ease.  As far as aesthetic appeal is concerned, Chiavari chairs encapsulate the meaning of elegance. They look just as amazing in a banquet hall as they do in an outdoor wedding venue.

Choosing the right decor is arguably the hardest part about planning any event, whether it is a family reunion, a wedding or a corporate gathering. Chiavari chairs draw attention in a subtle way and help create a pleasant, soothing experience with a touch of class. Unlike other chair types that seem to interfere with or distract from the decor, the Chiavari brand will make your event look its best no matter what.

If you have ever seen a Chiavari, you know there is no second-guessing. Few decorations have the power to act as a solid backdrop for any occasion. From formal to informal and everything in between, Chiavari has your back — no pun intended!

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