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Banquet Chairs

What Are Your Thanksgiving Traditions?

Thanksgiving is definitely a great time to reconnect with family members and dust off some of those holiday traditions. For many, tradition lies in the Thanksgiving menu–turkey, stuffing, mashed or sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, etc. In many cases, the tradition is taken a step further by using family recipes that sometimes go back…

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Church Banquet Chairs for Peace and Comfort

The modern church isn’t just a place to gather for worship, it’s also a community space used for life celebrations, meetings, and events. From weddings to youth dances, and everything in between, your church needs to be ready for whatever event is on the calendar. The churches of old, outfitted with non-moveable wooden pews were…

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7 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Chapel Chairs

You’re eagerly anticipating the unveiling of your new church makeover to the congregation and community. But your committee is hung up on chairs. You’ve done your research and the team is ready to re-home the hard, space-hogging pews that have been hanging around for decades. They’re homey and traditional, but you know that the modern…

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What Padded Banquet Chairs Are the Most Comfortable?

Nothing makes a church congregation more restless than uncomfortable seats. But choose the right church chairs and your patrons can stay attentive and engaged through the entire service. Seating is an easily-ignored but vital part of successful worship experiences. When your group will be seated for long stretches of time, then you need padded chairs.…

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The Handy Guide to Banquet Seating Arrangements

Banquet seating arrangements are one of those invisible factors in any celebration — when it is done properly, it simply feels right; when it’s done wrong, it’s highly noticeable. Seating arrangements at any event are designed to take advantage of the space while still providing comfort for the guests. The larger your party, the more…

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Cover Options for Your Banquet Chairs

The decor you choose makes a difference in the success of your event and the enjoyment of your guests. It sets the right mood and tone for your event as well as engages the interest and elicits the participation of your attendees. As such, choosing your event decor is an important decision that you should…

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Simple Enhancements for Your Folding Chairs

As a long-time supplier of top-quality church chairs, banquet tables and folding chairs, we have earned the trust of thousands of customers through the years. In that time, they have shared with us some of the interesting things that they do to personalize our products to suit the theme of their event. Below are some of them.

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Upgrade Your Standard Podium with Speakers

You may think that we only offer high-quality ​church chairs, but we have many other products to help make your next event a resounding success. We have a variety of well-crafted event furniture, including ​banquet tables, metal, wood and plastic folding chairs, table and chair caddies for easy transportation and clean-up and so much more.…

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“Tying The Knot” in 6 Easy Steps

Our top-quality church chairs can be found in several places of worship throughout the Peach State and beyond. For nearly 30 years, we have supplied different congregations and organizations with their seating requirements. Our products are built to last and designed for safety and comfort. Through those years we’ve learned a lot from our customers,…

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