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Best Ways to Store Your Church Chairs

You decided to buy church chairs because you wanted a convenient, versatile alternative to traditional pew seating. Coupled with the huge cost savings and mobility benefits that individual chairs provide over their permanent counterparts, it is no surprise that many congregations are taking this route for their seating needs.

Regardless of whether your religious organization is held solely in one building or at changing venues, there will come a time when you have to store or transport all of those seats.

The Importance of Portability and Storage

It is simple enough to move a few chairs by hand or throw some in the back of a truck, but what about when you’re faced with moving dozens or hundreds of chairs? The transportation process does not have to be riddled with stress. At Advantage Church chairs we provide everything you need to quickly move your chairs from one space to the next.

No seating equipment collection is complete without a chair caddy. We offer two types to our customers, both of which have proved undeniably reliable. The first is our popular 84-chair folding chair model, which allows two stacked sections of six rows each. The durable steel frame and rolling wheels allow this caddy to transport heavy loads over uneven surfaces, which makes your job a whole lot easier! This model is currently priced at less than half off of retail as is our specialty Advantage Folding Chair Caddy that is tailored for dining chairs. At just under $100, the time-savings alone makes this caddy a worthwhile investment.

The great thing about caddies is their space-saving design. You can conveniently store your church’s entire set of chairs in a small closet. Within minutes, you can either set up or tear down your existing seating layout, which is particularly important for special church events and congregation get-togethers like potluck dinners and fundraisers.

Storing and transporting your church chairs is easy with the right equipment. Many of our customers operate mobile congregations that hold their services at alternating venues. Whether your church operates in the traditional sense or like a modern one, Advantage Church Chairs has the right seating solutions for you. Also take advantage of our Stack Chair Hand Truck for easy loading. This is the ideal church chair stow-and-go tool and is always in stock.

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