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Banquet Tables: The Perfect Addition to Your Church Meeting Room Furniture

You’re hoping to build your congregation but you’re not sure if your current sanctuary building can handle the much-needed increase. You’ve probably considered the possibility of a large-scale renovation to reconfigure your church space and to increase the square footage. If you’ve already talked to a contractor, you know that a project like that comes with a hefty price tag. For community churches with a small operational budget, it can feel impossible to find the right solution.

Modern churches are far more flexible in their styles of operation than churches of the past. Traditional wooden pews and rooms dedicated to only one event or meeting have been replaced with the ability to move furniture to accommodate the congregation’s needs. What does this have to do with increasing your congregation size? More than you think. This flexibility provides you the opportunity to find new and innovative ways to use your church building more efficiently.

The cornerstone of church flexibility is its furnishings. A room is just a roof and four walls until you place furniture in it. The way we arrange furniture within a room gives us a sense of what it is going to be used for. This means that all of your church rooms can be used for a multitude of purposes. It simply depends on the types of furniture you place into the rooms and how you set them up.

While comfortable chairs are an important contribution to flexibility, one thing that is commonly overlooked is the importance of tables. By choosing tables that are flexible, you can easily create meeting spaces in one room and then use those same tables for another event in the next room later. Folding tables are the best solution for the modern church interested in more efficiently using its space. Here are a few reasons why folding banquet tables are your church’s best friend.

1) Banquet tables are convenient.

The construction of folding tables today make it a cinch to simply pull them out of their storage space, unfold and lock the legs, and set them upright. Add a tablecloth to dress them up. When you’re ready to put them away, they’re easy to take down and lightweight enough to move onto a cart or directly into a closet. Most likely, though, you’ll be taking them to another room in the building to be used again for another meeting!

2) They come in a multitude of sizes and shapes.

No one table is perfect for every single event. You’ll need to make an inventory of all your church meetings and events, both church-related and community-related. Then decide which tables would be ideal for each event. There are probably going to be several types of tables that will work best for the majority of your events (perhaps large rectangular tables and large round tables). Then you may have other events that will require different types of tables, such as smaller round tables, square tables, or cafe-style tables.

3) They are durable and made for rigorous, repeated use.

Commercial-grade folding banquet tables are made for rugged wear and provide an excellent return on investment, lasting many years. Both the plastic varieties and the wooden varieties are made to hold over 1,000 pounds of pressure and are built with solid components that hold up to repeated use. You can expect these tables to make it through numerous weekly, monthly, and annual events, year after year. Lightweight plastic tables are excellent for carting around from room-to-room. Wooden tables are often used for dining purposes, though table clothes are highly recommended to protect the tables from becoming damaged by water and other liquids.

4) They are multipurpose and multifunctional.

A church is a lively place full of joy, activity, and fellowship. On a typical week, you can find children painting or drawing, elders sitting down to dinner, youth working on a service project, and adults sitting down for scripture study coffee hour. The tables you choose need to accommodate different generational activities and the many messes that come from a lively church congregation. Folding banquet tables are great for everyone, though you will need to know which table sizes and shapes will be the best fit for your congregation’s activities. Get a variety of tables that you know your congregation will need, but focus especially on those staple tables that will get used the most. If your budget is tight, get the tables you need the most, then add less important tables later when you have a budget increase.

A few other considerations to keep in mind:

  • In order to make your flexible space work well for you, you’ll need to focus on storage that is out-of-the-way, yet accessible and safe.
  • Bring in a space designer who can help you evaluate each room’s current use and how it can be reconfigured for more efficient use.
  • Consider adding in-room storage cabinets for smaller items that are used frequently. This can help cut back on unnecessary furniture and increase the useable floor space available.
  • Don’t forget to purchase a folding table cart! It can save your back, reduce the need for a huge event team, and make transporting tables from one room to the next a breeze.

Every church wants to see growth, whether from an increasing congregation, a budget that will allow for improvements, or an established congregation that is devoted to the church community. To make sure that your current church building doesn’t hold you back from growing, work to make your spaces more flexible. Seek the advice of a professional who can help you redesign the way you currently use each room to make the building’s usefulness as efficient as possible. Then invest in high-quality, durable folding banquet tables and other flexible furnishings that can make your church activities flow in the smoothest way possible.

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