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Banquet Chairs for Every Budget

Advantage Church Chairs is proud to say we carry a huge selection of banquet chairs to suit every budget. Whether you are looking for cost-effective, discount chairs or premium, high-quality chairs, we have you covered!

We strive to be the largest online supplier of commercial and banquet hall furniture and were quick to realize that no two customers’ needs are the same. The good news is that regardless of the chair type you choose, you can rest assured knowing that every product we sell is solidly built and guaranteed to last for years without fail.

Our Banquet Chair Selection

Buyers in the market for a more affordable option are best served by our discount selection of banquet chairs. Be mindful that the term “discount” speaks nothing about the quality of the structure or design of this category as these are all chairs that were once placed in our premium class.

With every type of furniture, style changes occur frequently. It is not always easy for us to determine how much of a particular product we need to stock, so what often ends up happening is the problem of overstock. In order to expedite the sale of out-of-season chairs and make room in our warehouse for new shipments, we are forced to sell them at discounted rates. You get premium quality at much lower price, which is why our discount section is very popular among buyers of all budgets!

Of course, the latest fashion styles (e.g. new fabric patterns, color palettes and crown-backed cushion treatments) can only be had with your premium banquet chairs. In this department, you will be presented with a vast array of color and pattern combinations, so get in touch with a sales associate if you require assistance.

One step up is our famous Chiavari line. These handcrafted Italian beauties have been around for the better part of two centuries and still look just as good as they did back then. The quality and durability of this line is unmatched. Chiavari chairs are the premier seating solution for banquet halls of all types and are incredibly lightweight for easy setup and storage.

Lastly, our banquet chair caddies make the transportation and hauling of your bulk banquet chairs a breeze. We highly recommend them for customers ordering 50 or more chairs, which, by the way, will waive the shipping charges as well.

Advantage Church Chairs is here to help make your banquet planning event as pain-free as possible. Visit our website for more details.

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