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Your Church’s Holiday Checklist

The Fall season is definitely a time of fellowship in the church and it quickly segways into one of the holiest times of year with Christmas or Hanukkah (depending on your faith). This time of year can include a multitude of additional events and church activities, such as festivals, plays, potluck dinners, choral concerts and…

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Sunday School Is Back In Session

Across the country, schools at all grade levels have successfully started another school year. Fall is just around the corner and, as September turns to October, this is typically a time for Sunday School classes to go back in session. Today’s Sunday School, especially for children, looks much different from what you probably experienced as…

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On the Move? Tips and Tricks for a Church Relocation

While it may not happen often, a congregation will sometimes need to move to a new address. Perhaps a lease is up where you currently worship. More often, it’s a need for more space—additional parking, a larger place to worship, host more community programs, etc. A church relocation is a major undertaking with a great…

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5 Tips for Making The Most of a Small Worship Space

When your church is growing you might reach a point where the building starts to feel small and cramped. When members of a church staff reach this point they often start to consider building a new church. However, long before you consider this expensive option, you should make sure that you are using your smaller…

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Church Banquet Chairs for Peace and Comfort

The modern church isn’t just a place to gather for worship, it’s also a community space used for life celebrations, meetings, and events. From weddings to youth dances, and everything in between, your church needs to be ready for whatever event is on the calendar. The churches of old, outfitted with non-moveable wooden pews were…

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The Complete Guide to Church Seat Cleaning

If you’ve just remodeled your church, you probably have rows of gleaming new church chairs to proudly present to your congregants. You know they won’t stay shiny and clean forever, but you would like to get the best return on your investment. So you’d like to know how to make sure they stay clean as…

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