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Affordable Church Seating: How to Spot Quality (& Other Tips)

So you’ve decided that it’s time to replace your ancient pews or worn out church chairs. You know that using chairs offers your church more flexibility which means you can do more as a congregation. Your sanctuary can be used for more than just Sunday meetings, which allows you to offer more fellowship opportunities. You can host weddings, youth camps, and Friday night dinners for the elderly. You’re no longer limited by your space.

You also know that chairs must survive use by a lot of people over many years. So they can’t be just any kind of chairs, they need to be built strong. They also need to be incredibly comfortable, so attendees can concentrate on the sermon instead of their aching backs. Ideally, they should also be stackable so you can clear the floor in a moment’s notice.

But how do you figure out exactly which chairs to buy? It can be overwhelming to assess all the options. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when you’re ready to go shopping for your new church chairs.

Quality Specifications

When you get started on your chair hunt, there are a few options out there to keep in mind. If you’re truly searching for quality, you’ll pay attention to a few important things. Make sure your chairs include:

  • T-nut connection between seat and frame (far more durable than wood screws)
  • Seats and backs made of plywood
  • The seat padding is 3-4 inches and made with two-pound 100% virgin polyurethane foam
  • The chair has built-in lumbar support
  • The metal finish is a textured powder coat finish to avoid scratching
  • Ensure that the chair has been safety tested to regularly carry 600-800 pounds
  • Look for fabric that has been durability tested with at least 180,000-200,000 double rubs

You’ll also want to consider buying a fully assembled chair. If you have limited time and aren’t mechanically oriented, you may have a frustrating mess on your hands by trying to assemble a church chair. It’s best to let the professionals put it together in the factory, guaranteeing that the chair is ready to go and solid for years.

There are several sizes of chairs to choose from. You’ll have to consider your space, budget, and specific needs. Common chair width sizes include 18.5-inch, 20.5-inch, and 21-inch.

Making Your Dollar Stretch

It makes sense to try to make your budget stretch as far as it can. When you’re trying to buy a significant number of chairs for your church, you need to make sure you can purchase as many as possible. These tips will help you to save serious cash, while still ensuring that you’re acquiring the best quality chairs possible.

  • Buy only what you need. It’s exciting to buy new things, especially if your church is looking a little worn these days. But you need to make sure that your budget is very detailed and specific. Don’t get tempted to update everything in one go, especially if your budget can’t stretch much.
  • Buy well ahead of time. Decide on the date that you’ll need the chairs and then purchase them many weeks before that time. You definitely don’t want to overspend on shipping if you don’t have to, so plan wisely and plenty early.
  • Always buy in bulk. If you’re short on chairs, wait until you have a big enough order. Just buying a chair here and there won’t save you money. Bulk orders are almost always the most economical way to go.

Updating your church furniture is an exciting endeavor. You just can’t wait to see all that new, shiny furniture in the sanctuary, instantly giving the building a much-needed face lift. It can be fun to choose styles and colors, but don’t forget about quality. You’ll want to ensure that you are choosing high quality chairs that will last many years. By choosing stackable chairs, you’ll also be making your building more functional and adaptable. Your church can be a welcome haven to your community, and it all starts with the furniture that you provide for their use.

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