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Accomodate the Whole Congregation with Customizable Church Chairs

It bodes well for your congregation when you have to order new church chairs in order to accommodate an increasing number of regular attendees to your services. Our church chairs come with several advantageous features that you will find especially useful for a growing congregation.

Completely Customizable

Our church chairs interlock safely and easily with pre-installed ganging hardware. You can interlock as many (or as few) of the chairs as you wish in order to fit in the space that you are currently using. If the space is shared and designed to be used for many different purposes, the chairs can be uncoupled and stored away after use.

Our customizable chairs allow you to save in many ways. Most of our chairs are stackable up to eight chairs high, saving you on storage space. It takes no more than a few seconds to lock or unlock them, saving your staff time in setting and cleaning up. Although they are designed for worship (with optional book racks and card pockets) they can actually be used for a variety of church-related events, ultimately saving you money.

Attractive and Appropriate Options

Color schemes, seating accommodations, space considerations and other aspects of design and decor vary greatly from one congregation to another. We give you the freedom to choose from a wide selection of frames, fabric colors, patterns and other added features to ensure that your church chairs completely meets the needs of your congregation. We have extra-wide chairs if you need them, optional book racks for added convenience, even communion cup holders if that is something your congregation wants. Choose the features that complement the overall design of your worship space as well as those that fulfill the evolving requirements of your growing congregation.

Our many years of experience in this industry have given us a deep understanding of the different needs of our clients. Our products are designed to imbue a sense of solemnity and create an environment that will enhance and deepen the worship experience of your congregation.

Aside from church chairs, we also carry banquet tables (round, rectangular and serpentine-shaped) and a variety of folding chairs to meet the other needs of your congregation. Our tables and chairs are excellent for social gatherings, seminars and spiritual retreats. Like our interlocking church chairs, they are easy to assemble and store, making them the practical choice for a growing and busy community.

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