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8 Advantages of Ordering Church Furniture Online

The most exciting time during a church remodel is ordering the brand new furniture that your congregation will enjoy for years to come. During the process of planning out your church’s new look, you’ve scoured magazines, flipped through design books, and saved numerous design photos to your Pinterest boards. There are so many great ideas out there and you’re itching to get started turning your own church into a beautiful place to gather and worship.

But furniture can be overwhelming. If your church is in a rural location, you’ve probably struggled with places to actually find new furniture. You might not have many vendors to choose from and those that are available might not carry quality items or they might charge a premium for their products. Thankfully, online shopping is now an option for even rural churches, which provides options of affordable and high quality selections for everyone.

Even if you’re in a big city, shopping can be such a pain. It’s great to go to a few stores to sit on chairs, touch the fabric, and get a sense of the size of certain items. But shopping can get really exhausting and you still may not find the quality, selection, or good prices that you desire. Online church furniture stores can make all the difference in the world.

So what kinds of advantages do you have with online shopping? Here are a few ways that you can save, select, and score big with an online store such as Advantage Church Chairs.

1: Save Time

Shopping can be a huge time suck, as we all know and have experienced. It’s draining and exhausting, eating up entire days that often feel unproductive and can leave you feeling negative. When you choose to shop online, you can jump from store-to-store with an easy, quick click of the mouse. If you really need the hands-on experience, narrow down the options you really like and then visit a physical store to try out a particular kind of chair in person. Then head back home to further refine your online shopping options and make a choice. Easy!

2: Save Money

Because online stores focus less on salesy storefront kind of tactics and more on quality service directly to their customers, they can pass along some generous savings. They also offer bulk discounts and great sales from time-to-time, making it possible for you to save some serious cash. Decide exactly which furniture you want, then watch for those sales to get the very best deal.

3: Save Hassle

Traveling to look at furniture is a pain, especially if you don’t find what you want. Then having to haul everything back home is another level of expended effort. You can avoid the entire painful process by shopping for your chairs online and have them delivered right to your front door.

4: Save on Delivery

If you purchase super pricey chairs from a furniture showroom and then pay to have them all delivered to you, you might be shocked when you get the bill. Having furniture delivered can be very expensive, especially if you’re buying a ton of items all at once. Schlepping the furnishings yourself means gathering together a decent group of volunteers, coordinating the entire thing, and then dealing with securing vehicles. You might end up with scratched or broken furniture at the end of the whole ordeal, too.

If you order from an online store, you will save a bundle on delivery. You can skip all the coordinating and go straight for the part where you unpack furniture and arrange it in the new space.

5: Better Selection

Furniture showrooms rarely have every single variety available since that would take up too much space and be too costly for them to stock. Shopping online means you get access to every color, all the styles, and even some unique options that might not be available in a brick and mortar shop at all. Have the business send you a fabric swatch so you can see each color in the church lighting and feel the samples for yourself. Order a couple different chairs to try out with your congregation to see which one they prefer. Then order exactly what you want and don’t settle for something you’re not positively thrilled to buy.

6: Customizations

If you’re shopping in a city, you might be limited in options and customization. With an online shop, you have all kinds of customization selections to choose from. If the standard choices aren’t quite cutting it for your design dream, call up the store and talk to a friendly voice who can help you to customize the perfect design.

7: Easier Comparison

You won’t have to bounce from place to place, scribbling down notes and then realizing you can’t remember something from the previous store. Simply pull up multiple online windows and compare choices side-by-side. Take out your measuring tape and see immediately if a particular chair will fit right. You can easily make decisions about your options when you have everything you need right in front of you in the comfort of your own space.

8: Quality Customer Service

One of the things we all hate when walking into a furniture store is that there is always an associate who tries to pressure us into buying something we don’t really want. With online shopping you take matters into your own hands and skip the ultra-annoying sales person. Online stores still offer real people to guide you through the shopping process, should you prefer or require it. And their customer service can often be even better than a physical store. Simply pick up the phone and give them a call to get customized help from a kind associate.
While there is often a time and place for shopping at a brick-and-mortar shop, it’s not always the best option. The more that our society moves to shopping online, the better selection and prices that are available. When it comes to replacing the furniture in your church, you can’t do much better than ordering it all online. It is incredibly convenient, allows you to buy exactly what you want, saves you plenty of time and money, and everything is delivered right to your doorstep. Get through the shopping process quickly and get right to the fun part: arranging everything in its new space and happily settling into your new, beautiful church.

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