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6 Reasons to Choose Stackable Church Chairs

Whether you are building a new church or renovating an existing one, at some point you will have to decide how to provide seating to your congregants. Many church activities involve sitting for long periods of time, so focusing on choosing the right chairs for your congregation is of utmost importance. Thankfully, the traditional hard, wooden pew benches have given way to more comfortable and flexible seating options. Your patrons will be glad that you’ve given their comfort plenty of thought!

Churches fulfill many roles beyond just Sunday morning meetings. They often act as community centers, as well. Weddings, social gatherings, meetings, and other activities occur in churches making it necessary to consider the furnishings in regards to this demand for flexibility. Pew benches are often cumbersome and so therefore installed as permanent fixtures. You don’t get to move them once they’re bolted down. This doesn’t serve the modern church very well, as often seating needs to be cleared out for these other purposes and events.

Thankfully, stackable chairs make an excellent option for the new or renovated church. There are numerous reasons why you should consider using stackable chairs in your building and furnishing plans. Here are five compelling thoughts about stackable chairs to consider before making your next furnishings purchase.

1. Flexibility

When you use stackable chairs, you make it easy to clear the floor. In a typical day in the life of a church, you might have a Sunday school meeting, followed by a youth activity event. You can easily arrange the chairs for an engaging sermon and discussion, then rearrange them for the following activity. Or just stack them up against the wall to completely clear the floor for an active event. Old fashioned pews really limit what you can do in a space, making them quite inflexible. Stackable chairs remedy this issue, without sacrificing quality or appearance.

2. Budget-Friendly

The standard church pews can be quite expensive. They are heavy, not easy to make, and are made from expensive materials. Chairs, on the other hand, are far more affordable. You can also buy a “starter” amount and add to them as your budget expands. They do the same job that a pew bench does, without the hefty cost. And, as a bonus, you don’t sacrifice quality, making both your budget and building committees quite happy.

3. Sturdy Construction

While it is true that wooden pew benches are built quite sturdy, thankfully so are quality stackable chairs. With modern building technologies, these chairs are built to hold large and small people, while still being durable and comfortable. Be sure to purchase stackable chairs that are made for commercial purposes. To really maximize your purchase, they must last years and endure use from hundreds of people, so they need to be quality made.

4. Save Space

Chairs by themselves can take up a lot of room. But when they are built to also be stackable, they can remove a lot of the bulk through concentrating it into small spaces. Want the chairs to completely disappear? You can easily build storage cabinets or closets to hold all the chairs in their stacked form. No more worries about where to hold a wedding or dance, as you can create an empty dance floor in minutes.

5. Comfortable

So many comfortable options are available for stackable chairs. Always buy sturdy, commercial grade chairs that will hold people of all sizes. Add padding and ergonomic chair backs that will increase the level of long-term comfort of your congregation. Those old wooden benches were never comfortable (as many of us can attest!), so in this regard stackable chairs wins with flying colors. Give people a comfortable chair and they can keep their mind where it should be: on the church service.

6. Professional Appeal

Stackable chairs look sharp and professional, immediately upgrading the overall look of your building and furnishings. By choosing professional-grade chairs, you increase the value of your church and the quality of interactions held in the building. You will also provide better community value to your congregation, deepening their loyalty.

Churches aren’t only a place to hold worship on Sundays anymore. They are becoming more often also community centers for congregants and their friends and families. Weddings, dances, youth activities, church socials, and so many other activities bring together a congregation beyond Sunday School.

Wooden church benches are limiting and inflexible, not to mention cumbersome and uncomfortable. Stackable chairs solve this issue by providing cushioned, ergonomic seating that can be formed into different layouts for many kinds of events. By choosing stackable chairs, you can maximize the use of your church building while also providing more options for patrons to become involved in their community church!

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