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6 Advantages of a Multi-Purpose Chair

You’ve got an incredible church congregation with committed members devoted to building a thriving spiritual community. But even with all the wonderful energy directed at the church, you’re struggling to make the building fit the goals of a dynamic group. The building was new and a good fit at one point, but your congregation has outgrown it and it seems to be becoming out of date. It’s time for a renovation.

One thing to consider in your space overhaul is how to update your seating. Pews used to be a standard choice for churches, but the modern church is a dynamic space used for many functions. A vibrant church incorporates many kinds of events to foster growth, to reach out to potential new members, and to deepen relationships with existing members. From weekly youth meetings, to weddings, to fundraising dinners, and even to memorials, churches serve as community centers. The spaces in the building need to be flexible in order to adequately serve diverse and changing congregations.

Pews are stationary and don’t utilize the space effectively, therefore they don’t contribute well to flexible church spaces. Chairs, on the other hand, can be quite useful and can also be professional and comfortable. Here are a few reasons why you should consider chairs for your next church furniture update.

1. Comfort = Peaceful Mind

It’s no secret that sitting for long periods of time can wear on our bodies and make us very uncomfortable. Feeling restless is the last thing we want to experience when we are trying to listen to a spiritual message and focus on important presentations. We all have endured long church meetings on a pew bench, too. It’s not at all comfortable.

Quality church chairs are made to support the back properly and are created with thick cushioning. This means that church members can now rest easy during a long sermon, concentrating on connecting with the message instead of their aching back.

2. Space for Personal Comfort

We all like to keep our own personal space boundaries and sometimes pews get too crammed with people. Between the personal space invasion and being so close that we can smell what they ate for breakfast, it’s not an invitation to come back again next week. If we need to move our seat in order to relieve uncomfortable legs, that’s not possible with shared bench seating.

Chairs eliminate these space issues as each person has control over their own seat. Space seats appropriately so no congregants feels like their circle of comfort is being ignored. Participants will be more likely to show up to meetings and Sunday School if they know that they will feel comfortable.

3. Increased Seating

When your sanctuary is full of pews, your seating amount is limited. If you try to increase the seating with chairs added onto the ends of the pews, you block the aisles and risk making it tricky to escape in an emergency.

With chairs, you can get more seating in the room while still maintaining appropriate emergency exists. You can also configure the seating to fit your event, which means you can get more people in the room overall. If you’ll have fewer people than usual due to vacations or other reasons, you can also decrease the chairs and arrange them in a different way to make the audience feel less “on the spot” or like the church is deserted.

4. Clear the Floor

Perhaps your youth groups put on a regular evening of fun and dancing. Or your elderly group hosts a monthly dinner to raise money for the local homeless shelter. You probably also have weddings and family celebrations that happen in the building year-round.

The great thing about chairs, especially the stackable kind, is that they can easily be removed from the room. You can clear the floor for dancing, set up tables and chairs for a dinner, and arrange chairs attractively for a wedding. Chairs make all of this and more so much easier and flexible.

5. Affordability

When it comes to cost, seat-for-seat chairs are far more affordable than pews are. Benches are also cumbersome, difficult to deliver and set up, and are stationary when they get there. Such inconvenience coupled with the added cost make pews a less than optimal option for many churches.

Even when you factor in quality, chairs are still a great deal. You really can have high quality seating for your congregation while also maintaining your building budget and getting the added benefit of flexible seating. You can also order a starter set of chairs and buy more as your congregation grows.

6. Appearance

Some church-goers are quite attached to the appearance and historic symbolism of the pew. However, chairs can also look quite professional and appealing. You can get these members involved in choosing the right chairs through drawing them into the chairs’ appealing features. Order a few to choose from and have them test them out. You’ll discover that they are sold quite quickly.

Church chairs can look neutral and comforting during a church meeting. Then they can be decorated and dressed up for an event. Chairs are truly flexible and versatile, fitting to the needs of each event. They make your space look good, no matter how they are used.

Whether you are looking to update your existing furniture or are building a new church from the ground up, chairs should be your go-to seating option. They offer true comfort through long meetings, they can be arranged into all sorts of configurations, and they are just what your budget needs due to their affordability.

Your church wants to nourish existing relationships with current congregants while also doing community outreach to bring in new members. The flexibility of chair seating means that you can host many different kinds of events that will attract people of all age groups. Your mission is to build a community center focused on spiritual devotion, and you can achieve this through ensuring that your furnishings will fit your vision. Imagine a space where every person feels welcome, where their ideas can be made a reality, and where they can make their church feel like their spiritual home.

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