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4 Considerations Before Choosing a Church Furniture Supplier

The decision has been made and your committee is thrilled to be working on a building remodel that will update your church’s look and feel. You’ve found a designer that specializes in churches and are excited the plans are being drawn up.

This process is going to refresh the building’s tired look and attract the attention of the community. You’re ready to grow the congregation and you know that giving the church a makeover will help your growth strategy immensely.

But before you know it, it’s time to pick out furniture for the sanctuary and other rooms. Your team has talked about it a few times, but not settled on a decision for where to get the new furniture you’ll need.

You’ve checked out your local furniture store, but have not been impressed with their selection. Catalogs are overwhelming and online retail websites feel confusing. You’re not sure how to tell if something is the right quality or if the business is trustworthy.

Here are a few tips to help you on your way to choosing furniture you love from a supplier that has your best interests in mind.

1. Choose a reputable business.

When checking out different businesses consider how long they’ve been doing business. Be leery of an online store that has only been active for a couple years or doesn’t tell you anything about how long they’ve been in business. If you need support, repairs, or to use a warranty, you want to make sure the business will still be around for years to come!

If an online store feels overly pushy and “salesy” or makes you wonder if they’re too good to be true, you should be cautious. A quality business wants you to choose furniture that matches your true needs, not just their bottom line.

Also be skeptical if a business is offering very inexpensive furniture. Many of these companies are scams and you’ll find yourself with low-quality furniture that doesn’t last very long. You want the best return on investment at a reasonable price. Don’t choose poor quality furniture just to save a few bucks, though. It’s not a worthy investment, so save yourself the headache.

2. Check out a company’s warranty.

This will tell you exactly how confident they are in their furniture and in their ability to assist you. If a store doesn’t offer a warranty, be cautious. Also be careful of stores that are too over the top with their warranties, especially if they haven’t been in business very long. There is a chance that they might convince you to buy badly made chairs and then go out of business a year later.

You want to see a warranty offered, but also a standard of quality that almost guarantees you’ll never have to use that warranty. That’s why you should also pay close attention to how they make their furniture (and run if they don’t describe their craftsmanship!).

3. Read through their construction process.

You should always care about how a business constructs their furnishings. Quality directly affects how long your furniture will last and your furniture supplier should show how much they care about that quality.

Key high-quality construction materials in church chairs include:

  • Sturdier t-nuts to connect furniture pieces instead of wood screws
  • 100% virgin polyurethane foam (without any fillers)
  • Seats and backs made of plywood or blow-mold plastic
  • Durable fabric that has passed the Wyzenbeek test (180,000 – 200,000 rubs minimum)
  • Safety tested to 800 pounds
  • Powder coated finish on metal to prevent scratches

If there is any question about how a company makes a chair or other furnishing and they won’t confidently tell you what materials they use, know that they probably are cutting corners and you won’t end up with a quality product.

4. Look for a company that is proud of their customer service.

When you order online, sometimes you’ll need some guidance from the company and get your questions answered. They should be friendly, helpful, and have your best interests in mind. Find a business that is proud of their friendliness and mentions it on their website in a genuine sounding way. They should make their contact information easy to find and offer multiple ways to get in touch.

If you call a business and they seem to focus on hard selling to you, take it as a sign that they are more interested in product pushing instead of developing a relationship with their customers. Always choose a company that values you and wants you to be thrilled with your purchase from them!

It can be overwhelming to sort through the many options when it comes to who to buy church furniture from, especially online. Most of the time, online retailers will have a better variety for you to choose from, particularly if you live in a rural area far from big city shopping. But always check out the company to make sure they’re creating good quality products and that they want you to be happy with your purchase.

When it’s time to order furniture, reach out to Advantage Church Chairs to discuss your options. We take care in helping you choose the right products that will fit best with your church’s needs. We also take pride in the quality of our furniture and want you to be satisfied with your order. You can find us online at and by calling (855) 294-0532.

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