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3 Effortless Ways to Recruit New Church Members for the Holidays

The first snow has fallen, the twinkling lights are up around town, and the wreaths are hanging on everyone’s front doors. Christmas is coming!

With all the festivity and holiday busyness, it can be hard to stand out in the sea of activities and events. But Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to recruit new church members.

The Christmas holiday brings people together in a way that is special and meaningful. Most people start seeking out activities that will bring more meaning to their lives, beyond the commercial shopping experience. They want more, and your church is the perfect place for them to reconnect with the true meaning of the season.

So what can you do to help get new people in the door and committed to your church?

We’ve put together some ideas to help you brainstorm new activities and holiday recruitment strategies. Have some fun designing your specific plan and welcoming new members to your church community!

1. Be Visible

Potential new members can’t join if they don’t know your church exists. You need to get out into the larger community to get more visibility. Here are a few ways to gain more visibility.

  • Print festive T-shirts with your church’s logo and slogan, then have all volunteers and staff wear them at holiday events your church is partnering with or hosting.
  • Partner with local service agencies, businesses that do good, and for town events. Make sure your logo appears on their marketing materials.
  • Sponsor a float in your town’s holiday parade and make it memorable and fun.
  • Have staff and volunteers show up for important meetings, town discussions, and local community planning sessions. The more your church is involved in the community, the more often you’ll be remembered by those seeking a new church to attend.

2. Be Helpful

If there’s one way to be seen as a truly community-centered church it’s by being helpful. Christian churches have a long history of being selfless and service-oriented. New members will watch to see how much you serve those in need to decide if you’re the church for them.

Christmas is a perfect time to be helpful, too. Here are a few ways you can serve your community during the holidays.

  • Host a coat drive for the needy and drum up your marketing for it so you can deliver lots of warm wear for locals in need.
  • Open your doors on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day, then serve a warm, delicious holiday meal free of charge for anyone who needs a place for fellowship and food.
  • Consider creating an annex on the church that offers a warm place to sleep at night during the cold winter months for the homeless.
  • Create an “angel tree” with ornaments that have local children’s details. Church members and the community can select an ornament, then purchase clothes, toys, and other items for the child that will be anonymously delivered on Christmas day.
  • Open a food pantry and solicit donations from church and community members to help feed those in need.
  • Create holiday food baskets full of delicious holiday favorites and deliver them to local families.

3. Be Welcoming

There’s nothing more off-putting than a church that isn’t warm and friendly to newcomers. Always make sure that visitors get the red carpet treatment and leave feeling like your church is the warmest place they’ve ever been. Here are a few ways you can make sure newcomers feel welcomed during the holidays.

  • Make your foyer welcome central. Set out cozy chairs and tables, and offer coffee, tea, and baked goods. Have your most friendly volunteers and staff there to welcome members and newcomers.
  • Create holiday events that aren’t just for church members and make sure the larger community knows that they’re welcome to attend.
  • Host a fun children’s Christmas festival and invite all local parents and kids to come participate.
  • Partner with local crafters, farmers, and artisans to create a holiday market that’s open to everyone.
  • Go caroling with church members and hand out baked goods with personal invitations to your Christmas Eve candlelight service.
  • Always consider how to make your events family friendly so parents will feel comfortable.

Church Community Welcome

There are so many great ways to get newcomers into your front doors by hosting community events and activities. Just remember to always get out into your town for visibility and to build trust in your church. When designing a program or event, always consider how to make it accessible and approachable for someone new. Roll out the red carpet, so to speak, for every person who comes to an event or to church on Sunday to make them feel like they belong. Take advantage of the Christmas spirit to give an extra push for church growth and achieving fellowship goals for the year.

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