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Archive for December 2014

Maximizing Your Church’s Fiscal Budget for 2015

Large organizations and small worship communities alike need to be fiscally savvy in order to survive and thrive in a difficult economy. We understand the financial constraints that some of our customers face. This is why we are constantly negotiating with our suppliers in order to secure the best deal for all our customers.

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Eye-Catching Centerpiece Ideas for the Holidays

Setting a festive holiday table is a great beginning to a successful holiday celebration that your guests will not soon forget. In our many years of providing banquet tables and chairs to thousands of customers from all over the country, we have seen how they dress up their holiday tables. Below are a few of our favorite…

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Cover Options for Your Banquet Chairs

The decor you choose makes a difference in the success of your event and the enjoyment of your guests. It sets the right mood and tone for your event as well as engages the interest and elicits the participation of your attendees. As such, choosing your event decor is an important decision that you should…

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