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Where to Find Deals on Quality Church Chairs

Is your church in desperate need of a furniture upgrade but lacks the budget to buy brand new inventory? Do not worry! Just because funds are in short supply does not mean you cannot get quality seating and table solutions for your congregation. It just means you have to be a bit more creative and look a little harder to find them. The convenience and satisfaction that comes from purchasing the latest and greatest models definitely makes this option an attractive one, but for many start-up and existing organizations, it is just not a possibility.

Consider Wholesale and Closeout Church Chairs

At this point, you are probably already aware that you can get church chairs on the cheap. However, as far as knowing where to look, you could use some guidance. The classifieds are a decent place to start, but should be approached with caution, as you cannot be sure the quality of these second-hand products. The number one rule when buying anything used, especially tables and chairs, is to first verify the condition and quality. How old is the furniture, and will it need be repaired or maintained before it can be used in your church? Factor in the cost of these services prior to committing to the purchase because you could very well end up spending close to retail price if not careful.

The alternative to opting for the used furniture route is to buy late model tables and chairs from a wholesale distributor. You can find end of year and last season specials at nearby stores, but the selection offered by these businesses is usually quite limited. At Advantage Church Chairs, we specialize in the sale of new and closeout furniture. Keep in mind that the items in our closeout section have never been used. They are in mint condition and are listed for a fraction of list price. Why? Because we are forced to sell old inventory in order to make room for incoming pieces, so it truly is a case of “our loss, your gain.” Take the ​Advantage beige metal folding chair, for instance. Originally priced at $40 retail, which is already an excellent deal, our customers can have this item for $12. There is plenty more where that came from, too! Our closeout section is constantly changing, so be sure to check back often if there is a specific table or chair your church is interested in.

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