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Archive for August 2017

7 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Chapel Chairs

You’re eagerly anticipating the unveiling of your new church makeover to the congregation and community. But your committee is hung up on chairs. You’ve done your research and the team is ready to re-home the hard, space-hogging pews that have been hanging around for decades. They’re homey and traditional, but you know that the modern…

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Church Sanctuary Design: Designing the Perfect Space for Worship

The modern church today is focused on fellowship, ministry, and growth. And when it comes to church furnishings, nothing supports the mission of ministry more than church chairs. The flexibility that modern church chairs provide mean that congregations can come together easily and worship in ways that were just not possible in rigid church pews.…

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Choosing The Right Church Chair If You Lack Storage Space

You’ve been working tirelessly to update your church. A design overhaul complete with fresh coats of paint presenting a modern, clean feel. Your team has done a structural update, reworking the flow and function of how things get done and how your congregation uses your church spaces. The audio and video equipment and other technologies have been improved with the…

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