Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Church Pews with Chairs

For centuries, churches have used pews to seat their congregations. There is no denying the commanding presence and beautiful aura of these large wooden benches, but with this ornamental design comes a key sacrifice.

Different Uses for Metal Folding Chairs

A chair is a simple device. Its purpose is to provide a stable and comfortable seating surface, yet there are so many chairs that fail to meet these expectations. One would think a product such as this would be easy to manufacture, that proper function and form would have been perfected centuries ago. Alas, like […]

Ideas for Used Church Chairs

When you replace your church’s chairs with new ones, you may have several used church chairs left over. Instead of just throwing those chairs away, why not figure out a creative alternative use that you and your parishioners can enjoy?

Why It Is Important to Have Comfortable Church Chairs

Sitting down for a long period of time can be a restful experience in the right chair, but in the wrong one, it can be uncomfortable. Your church needs to invest in the most comfortable church chairs it can afford because, ultimately, our physical comfort when we sit ends up affecting everything else about our […]

Standard and Designer Church Chair Fabric Choices

If you are considering getting new church chairs for your church, no doubt you and your church’s budgetary committee are discussing the various fabric choices you have. Your decision here will have an effect on the durability of your chairs and also their overall aesthetic value. With Advantage Church Chairs, you have several options to […]

How to Customize the Perfect Chairs for Your Church

It can be difficult to find the exact perfect chairs for a church. You are trying to bring a welcoming feeling to your sanctuary while simultaneously offering your congregation the comfort they need to get through the more long-winded sermons your preacher sometimes writes. Fortunately, the individual plush, upholstered chairs that are popular with churches […]

Product Comparison: Banquet Chairs vs. Padded Folding Chairs

When it comes to seating choices for your guests and attendees at a function, there are quite a number of options available. For comfort, style and affordability, consider our banquet chairs and padded folding chairs for your next event. Both come in a variety of versatile colors and are designed and crafted for many years […]

How to Take Care of Banquet Chairs & Church Chairs

Providing proper seating for your congregation or event attendees is important not only for their comfort and safety but also for the success of your gathering. Make sure you can provide adequate seating for your guests by maintaining your banquet or church chairs in good condition.

5 Benefits of Plastic Folding Tables

Plastic is used to make a wide variety of ordinary items that we use in our everyday lives. Using plastic instead of other materials like wood has often led to lower prices and an increase in color and design options that has transformed the way we live and do business. An example of a plastic […]

Closeout Sales on Metal Folding Chairs

If your congregation, company or organization is in the market for additional seating, our fantastic closeout sale on metal folding chairs is the answer.