Aesthetic Benefits of Upholstered Premium Banquet Chairs

There are many factors to consider when planning an event. An important yet often forgotten factor that is crucial to the success of any event is assuring the seating comfort and safety of your guests. Opt to use premium banquet chairs so your guests are relaxed and at ease throughout the event. These luxurious chairs will also […]

How To Choose Church Chairs That Last

In today’s fragile economy, frugal business spending is the order of the day. In many instances, it is not only a wise and prudent move but also a matter of survival. Churches both big and small are in the same floundering fiscal boat. Austerity, long considered a virtue to aspire for, has now become a […]

Accomodate the Whole Congregation with Customizable Church Chairs

It bodes well for your congregation when you have to order new church chairs in order to accommodate an increasing number of regular attendees to your services. Our church chairs come with several advantageous features that you will find especially useful for a growing congregation.

Restock on Advantage Padded Church Chairs This Summer

Many congregations experience a dip in worship attendance during the summer months for a variety of reasons. Families go away on vacation, children go to camps and teenagers work extra hours since school is out. With fewer attendees, summer is a good time to examine your congregation’s furniture. You can discard those that are no […]

Best Ways to Store Your Church Chairs

You decided to buy ​church chairs because you wanted a convenient, versatile alternative to traditional pew seating. Coupled with the huge cost savings and mobility benefits that individual chairs provide over their permanent counterparts, it is no surprise that many congregations are taking this route for their seating needs. Regardless of whether your religious organization […]