Why Pre-assembled Church Chairs Are the Best Choice

Have you ever noticed how tedious and difficult furniture assembly can be? Regardless of what you may be buying, chances are you are going to have a tough time making the product inside the box look like the one on the cover, at least in a short amount of time.

Components of a Well-made Church Chair

Comfort is not just an option when it comes to buying ​church chairs — it is a necessity. Your congregation will be forever grateful if you take the time to invest in quality seating solutions, especially since the average length of weekly religious services is a few hours. Buying the right chairs may seem insignificant […]

Benefits of Church Chair Layaway Program

Layaway services were created to help consumers get what they want while erasing the fear that the desired product may go out of stock. There are times when many of us are unable to pay full price up front, but not purchasing an item is out of the question. In order to alleviate concerns about […]

Modern Construction of Church Chairs with Advantage

The pilgrims probably sat on bare wooden boards that were laid across tree stumps when they gathered for worship in their new land. Almost 400 years later, church seating has evolved dramatically. From this simple and basic accommodation, many modern worshipers throughout the country now enjoy plush, comfortable and ergonomic seating as they gather for […]

Ideas to Help Raise Funds for New Church Chairs

Fundraising is a cornerstone of every non-profit organization. It is one of the best ways to raise money for a good cause, whether the donations go to the benefit of a party in need or for building improvements. Are your church’s chairs old, tattered and overused? Organizing a fundraiser is an excellent alternative to cutting […]

Banquet Chairs for Every Budget

Advantage Church Chairs is proud to say we carry a huge selection of banquet chairs to suit every budget. Whether you are looking for cost-effective, discount chairs or premium, high-quality chairs, we have you covered!

Chiavari Chairs for Any Occasion

Ask yourself, what characteristics or qualities make the perfect chair? For most people, the most important aspects are comfort, durability, quality and beauty. These are all things we expect from a good seat, yet many of today’s mass-produced chairs fail to meet the mark. Folding chairs and plastic chairs are affordable, rugged and long-lasting but […]

Comfort Is Key in Church Furniture Purchases

A 2012 Pew Forum survey states that 36 percent of Americans attend some form of religious service almost every week. Clearly, worship continues to be part of the fabric of American society despite the inroads that secularism has made in recent years. To hold on to their current roster of attendees as well as to […]

Padded Metal Folding Chairs on Closeout Sale!

There have been several changes and developments in the industrial furniture market since the time we first opened our doors for business nearly three decades ago. Through the years, our commitment to providing our customers with high-quality merchandise and top-tier service has not wavered.