Tips for Choosing Banquet Chair Fabric

When you are placing an order for banquet chairs, choosing the perfect fabric is a decision that you should take seriously. If you hold several different kinds of events, you may find it best to choose a fabric that has a neutral color or pattern. Neutral colors offer a degree of versatility that will generally […]

Space-saving Tips for Banquet Furniture Storage

Banquet halls are used for multiple purposes, such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, proms, dances, conferences, speaking engagements and more. Each event has its own particular banquet furniture needs. You should be able to provide enough seating for large gatherings, which means that you also need to be able to store a large amount of seating and banquet […]

Choosing the Perfect Banquet Table Shape for Your Next Event

Event coordinators know that seating arrangements can help to make an event highly successful or a major disappointment. In a formal personal affair, such as a wedding, deciding which guest to seat next to whom can often be a source of significant stress both for the planners and the couple-to-be.

Customizing Your Wood-framed Church Chairs

Enhance the meditative and spiritual experience of your congregation by providing them with the comfortable seating of our interlocking sanctuary chairs. Designed to accommodate the body in a relaxing manner, our church chairs can greatly heighten a worshiper’s inclination to prayer and participation.

Request Chiavari Chairs from Your Event Rental Company

If you have ever planned a major event for your company or organization, you know that details, even the most seemingly insignificant ones, can easily turn your event from stunning to so-so in an instant. It could be the uninspired menu, boring lighting, an unreliable sound system or dreary decor. It could be one small […]

Choose Your New Church Chairs Online

Here at Advantage Church Chairs, we strive to take care of our customers in every way. From our high-quality merchandise to our affordable prices and extensive inventory, we work hard to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers. If you are thinking of buying new church chairs in time for Easter, let us help you make informed and intelligent […]

Seven Things to Consider When Buying New Church Chairs

We have worked with hundreds of churches over our lifetime as a supplier of church furniture and in that time we have learned that there are seven main things churches need to think about before they decide on new seating. These are:

Evolution of Church Seating

Church chairs today are designed with two main factors in mind, and that is maximizing member comfort as well as providing a lightweight product that is versatile. Given that many smaller churches are mobile and do not have a permanent place of worship, the need for flexible seating options is a must. Even before the […]