21st Century Churches: 5 Ways to Arrange Your Church Sanctuary

As you stand in the doorway of your new church sanctuary, you contemplate the worship space. With your church’s recent redesign, your committee is in charge of rolling out the process. Fellowship is the key goal and you’re determined to find the best strategies for bringing new community members in the church doors and into […]

7 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Chapel Chairs

You’re eagerly anticipating the unveiling of your new church makeover to the congregation and community. But your committee is hung up on chairs. You’ve done your research and the team is ready to re-home the hard, space-hogging pews that have been hanging around for decades. They’re homey and traditional, but you know that the modern […]

Church Sanctuary Design: Designing the Perfect Space for Worship

The modern church today is focused on fellowship, ministry, and growth. And when it comes to church furnishings, nothing supports the mission of ministry more than church chairs. The flexibility that modern church chairs provide mean that congregations can come together easily and worship in ways that were just not possible in rigid church pews. […]

Choosing The Right Church Chair If You Lack Storage Space

You’ve been working tirelessly to update your church. A design overhaul complete with fresh coats of paint presenting a modern, clean feel. Your team has done a structural update, reworking the flow and function of how things get done and how your congregation uses your church spaces. The audio and video equipment and other technologies have been improved with the […]

Touch-Up Tips for Your Well-Loved Church Furniture

It’s hard to forget the day when your church makeover was complete and everything was gleaming and new. Fresh paint on the walls, reorganized sanctuary and classrooms, and brand new church chairs all waiting for the congregation to show up and enjoy their new place of worship. You did your research, planned for building efficiency, […]

Guide to Making a Wise Fabric Selection for Your Church Furniture

If you are at the point of choosing a fabric for your new church furniture, that means you’re likely nearing completion on the large phases of your new church construction, renovation or redesign. Congratulations! But don’t rush through this final choice. Though the entire process can be overwhelming, keep your meticulous design decision making strong […]

Banquet Tables: The Perfect Addition to Your Church Meeting Room Furniture

You’re hoping to build your congregation but you’re not sure if your current sanctuary building can handle the much-needed increase. You’ve probably considered the possibility of a large-scale renovation to reconfigure your church space and to increase the square footage. If you’ve already talked to a contractor, you know that a project like that comes […]

8 Advantages of Ordering Church Furniture Online

The most exciting time during a church remodel is ordering the brand new furniture that your congregation will enjoy for years to come. During the process of planning out your church’s new look, you’ve scoured magazines, flipped through design books, and saved numerous design photos to your Pinterest boards. There are so many great ideas […]

Most Common Custom Church Chair Modifications

Your church is ready for a makeover and you’re excited to get started. The congregation has determined that they’re ready to replace the outdated, inflexible wooden pews with comfortable chairs in the sanctuary. You are all ready to start choosing chairs, but realize that there are so many features to sort through and you’re not […]

Affordable Church Seating: How to Spot Quality (& Other Tips)

So you’ve decided that it’s time to replace your ancient pews or worn out church chairs. You know that using chairs offers your church more flexibility which means you can do more as a congregation. Your sanctuary can be used for more than just Sunday meetings, which allows you to offer more fellowship opportunities. You […]